1. Making a cup of coffee
    I started to try to make my own coffee about a year ago. The first attempts were awful. It tasted like if soot was mixed with water and then burned. But since then I've gotten better. I've picked up some tips and secrets from others. And now my cup is tolerable, maybe even pretty good. But I'm hoping in 5 years it will be the best. #tastetheprogress
  2. Playing Piano
    I used to take lessons and then stopped. But I think it's a cool skill to have to be able to play an instrument. Really, I just want to be good enough to play "Thunder Road" | "The Pretender" | "Bring it on Home" | "Seasons" . That's it really.
  3. Playing Quarterback
    Let me preface this one by saying I'm already a VERY good quarterback. I have grade school tapes to back it up. But I'm not a professional quarterback. I'm 25 now, so still young enough. If I take care of my body like Tom Brady, I'd say I have a good 15 years of professional play in me. If Tim Tebow can get a shot in the NFL, why can't I?
  4. Cooking
    I haven't put in the necessary time and resources into being a good cook. I just want a few staple dishes to perfect that I can make for myself. (i.e. A very good Mac n cheese)
  5. Making my own Doughnuts
    If I'm going to open my own Coffee Shop (Dwight's Caffeine Corner) then I'm gonna need some kind of breakfast pastry. I'm partial to the doughnut. This is not something to laugh at.