Choosing a comforter for your bed is an exciting & often times joyous occasion. The comforter, after all, is the most integral part of a comfortable bed. Because of its importance, the process to find the right comforter is a rigorous and unmerciful test that may take a whole 24 hours to complete. Here are the steps for picking the right comforter
  1. The Face Test
    No matter if you buy your comforter at a store or get it delivered online, the first test is to take part of the comforter and place it gently on your face. Looking for texture and overall feel of the material. Ideally we're looking for the material to feel cool and comfy.
  2. The Sleep Test
    Then you gently lay the comforter flat on the bed. Feel free to fluff it up. Then you lift up one end and slide underneath it like you're going to bed. For several minutes to lie under the comforter maneuvering your body to different positions to typically find yourself sleeping in. We're looking for the comforter to stay cool and comfy under normal night-time body activity.
  3. The Cloud Test
    Again, gently lay the comforter flat on the bed. Fluff it as necessary. Then, with arms and legs spread out wide, jump on top of the comforter like a starfish. We're looking for how the comforter accepts you. Ideally, a great comforter you make it feel like you're sinking into a cloud.
  4. The Robe Test
    The last test focuses on the comforter's transitional and adaptable abilities. We ask the buyer to wrap the comforter around themselves like a robe and walk around the living room/kitchen area. Like anyone might do on a cold winter weekend morning. A good comforter should conform to the body and be just as comfortable outside of the bedroom as it is inside.