And if she does, I wonder if she still checks it or still receives notifications when I post. I hope so. I didn't talk to her all day, I didn't talk to anyone all day, but some things happened and I would like to tell her.
  1. I was hanging out with Mike last night. Didn't know my schedule for the week, but thought I had work today. I called and found out I didn't which was cool. I slept in until 10am, I haven't done that in months.
  2. After I woke up I immediately ran some errands I wanted to get done today. Dropped off a package for return, bought bubble wrap to insulate the door in my room. Also bought some other things to continue help make improvements to my room. It's really coming together. I hope she gets to see the finished product.
  3. I had leftover lasagna that my mom made for lunch. It was really good, it's actually better as a leftover.
  4. I'm gonna get an internet package for my place. I talked to Vidu, it was kinda sad. He said all he wanted was to watch Netflix and hangout with people. I think he came here thinking he would make friends but I don't think he has. So now I'm taking charge and getting internet for him.
  5. I had class tonight, only have two more left. It was alright, it was class. I've come to realize 6pm-7:30pm is a really sucky time to have class.
  6. I walked to mikes place after, and walked down green street. Some houses already have there lights up and everything. It was nice.
  7. Now I'm at mikes by myself because he and meg are at the game. I'm getting myself a pizza because I'm hungry. Can't wait for the game to start. Hope the eagles win. I'm sitting here continuing to think about what I've been thinking about for the past two weeks - Bea.
  8. I'm not a good talker, I can't express what I'm feeling most of the time vocally. Much better at writing things down.
  9. It's not that I don't like PDA, or affection. I've thought about it and like everything, relationships, good ones, need balance. A balance of lover AND best friend. Where some mornings I might be all about cuddling and doing nothing in bed, other mornings I might wanna sit and have coffee and just talk. Talk about anything.
  10. Where sometimes I might wanna walk and hold hands, sometimes I might just wanna walk, with hands free and talk. I think when people always hold hands or cuddle then it becomes a routine, a chore. And it loses the spark that it has. Also if couples never do any of that stuff then it just becomes stale. Need balance. Balance of lover and Best friend
  11. I don't know what else to say. I've screwed up. All I know is that I like to talk to her everyday. I love to talk to her everyday. I love her. I hope we could get dinner at pho75 sometime soon. And I hope we can go back out again and be in a relationship. I hope she reads this. And I hope the Eagles win.