In which I fall out of the nest & attempt to fly [create my first ever list] 🐣🐥
  1. Hi I'm Preeti!
  2. I am not a very prolific selfie historian. It has been exactly 2 months since I last took a selfie without anyone else in it (pictured above 🐶) and it's the only solo selfie I could find from the last year 😂
  3. I was born & raised in Massachusetts 🐳
  4. But I went to college in Pennsylvania 🐾
    Class of 2016! 🎓
  5. And I drink enough coffee to deserve a guest spot on this upcoming Gilmore Girls reboot ☕️
  6. I was a science major (which I loved) 🤓
  7. But I'm equally passionate about literature & journalism outside the classroom 📚📰
    I'm pretty sure I spend more time reading/ writing than I do sleeping. Books & articles, fiction & nonfiction, about anything and everything!
  8. I'm also a dancer! 💃🏾⛸
    Trained in a bunch of styles ranging from ice dancing to Indian classical
  9. Favorite Animal: Whale 🐳
  10. Favorite Food: Kildare's Burger & Friez 🍔
  11. Favorite Activity: Jammin' on my Planner 📒
  12. New Favorite App:!