Dead or alive
  1. Barack obama: why not?
  2. Buddha: His teachings have had a profound impact on my life.
  3. Neil Armstrong (on moon landing)
  4. Stanley kubrick
  5. Umberto Eco
  6. VS Naipaul: best reporting based memoirs. He possesses an analysis that's rare in modern books
  7. Gulzar: his poetry moves me.
  8. Steve jobs
  9. Picasso:
  10. Monet: I once cried looking at his water lilies. I want to know how he saw rhem
  11. Rothko: looking at a Rothko is like slowly stepping in a warm pool on a warm evening on Mars. It is otherworldly and unknown.
  12. Eric Clapton (that strat of mine sounds shitty with me playing it)
  13. Shakespeare: changed emotions, expression and timelessness
  14. Columbus: most fascinating exploration in the human history
  15. Charles Lindbergh: recently understood the impact of his achievement and what a big deal he was.