This one's a tough category to be placed in so im sorry for the babies that didn't cut it. For the rest of you, it should be an honor just to be nominated.
  1. Prince George
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    Let's get real here. What's better than being a celebrity baby? Being a royal baby. And on top of it, George is a highly fashionable, cute, hair-well-endowed, and expressive baby toddler that will someday rule a whole country but for now plops around like a mini English Prince. Kate told a reporter that he looked in the china cabinet because he overheard her saying Will was in China and it's stories like this that keep him at the top of this list.
  2. North West
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    Although Nori is very overexposed these days, she kills this category. She is a cool baby, that takes no shit ("I said no pictures") but still wants to rock tutus for ballet and carry a frozen backpack. North makes this list for being extremely cute and astonishingly famous. Somebody recently asked me if I was a Kanye fan and I replied that I was a "north west fan" so clearly you see where my allegiances lie.
  3. Harper Beckham
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    SO underrated- Harper is the youngest and only daughter of two super hot people (david and victoria beckham) and so gets athletic abilities from her dad and a keen sense of fashion from her mom. Watch any video of David talking about Harper and you will actually melt. She seems like a cool girl, yo Harp u wanna get some fro yo sometime? Txt me
  4. Suri Cruise
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    We haven't really seen/heard from Suri in a while but I feel like she was a pioneer in this category. Suri was a cutie from the very beginning and was born to two ultra-celebrities which made her the center of all attention for a very long time. Today you can see her in every other issue of "People Magazine" getting out of cheauffered (maybe uber?) cars and running through New York holding hands with a stressed out-looking Katie Holmes in ripped jeans or something.
  5. Riley Curry
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    She whips and nae naes so she can hang.
  6. Blu Ivy
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    I'm sorry to disappoint many of you by placing Blue so low on this list but I just don't publicly see the sass I need from her. I know it will come, along with her mind-blowing talent, in time, which is why she's on this list. Waiting for your first single blue!
  7. In consideration for next year's list: Silas Timberlake and Princess Charlotte