TV commercials that produce maximum amounts of cringe
  1. Passages Malibu
    I was an addict for 12 I'm not
  2. The Addiction Network
    *not actual doctors
  3. LiveLinks
    Just a little creepy
  4. Nugenix ft. The Big Hurt
    'Man-boosting' formula
  5. The Star Shower
    Just all-around cringe
  6. J. G. Wentworth
  7. Education Connection
    Rap game strong
  8. DriveTime
    Honestly, it's getting annoying
  9. The Progressive commercial where Flo and the guy are doing "pranks on peoples houses"
    You can reword these suggestions if you want
    Suggested by @yctheflea
  10. Taclight Flashlights
    Underwater, gets run over by a hummer, frozen solid and still works!? No way
    Suggested by @yctheflea
  11. Volkswagen "A Thing Called Love"