BEST YELP REVIEWS OF DRUG FRONT POSING AS A PIZZA PLACE, ICE CREAM PARLOR St. Paul pizza place/ice cream parlor was a front for a weed operation run by a guy, his mom, and grandma. I looked up yelp reviews of this place.
  1. First off, I looked at google maps
    and in the street view pic it looks like maybe the Google car caught a possible drug deal in action? haa. "I'll take-ah this box of doobies out to your car Gary.. Hey! dont take my picture!"
  2. All the yelp reviews tell you the poor grandmother was running the actual pizza making end of the drug operation herself
    but made great pizza!
  3. Due to her doing it mostly alone (with occasional help from a tween) the service suffered
    but still actually tasty pizza!
  4. Maybe the ice cream parlor part of the business didn't really happen so much
    also that tween sounded maybe not so helpful