1. FIRST CONCERT: Weird Al at Valley Fair amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota 1984. I was 7 and me and my dad went to this show in the park while my 12 year old brother and his 2 friends kept riding coasters cuz "Weird Al is a dork". Al had guys in gorilla costumes on stage with him. The best.
  2. FIRST CAR: 1984 Subaru Wagon. Light blue. Stick shift. I was 16 and I boned in the back of it once while a Cure cassette flipped over and over.
  3. FIRST FRENCH KISS: I was in 7th grade. My skateboarder buds went to see the movie Ski Patrol (festuring a young Paul Feig) at the Safari Theater in Moorhead, MN. A couple girls that I didn't know came with. I met and then not long after frenched Courtney. We got hot and heavy. #juniormintslips
    Its funny to think that a year before this I rode my Schwinn BMX bike to this same theater for a matinee of UHF starring the aforementioned Weird Al. Hadn't kissed a girl at all. In that year I had kissed and now tongue kissed a girl after picking up skateboarding. Skateboarders get ladies!
  4. FIRST CRAZY ECSTATIC WILD JOY: Getting married to my insanely great, hilarious, smart, cute, brilliant, best little babe ever wife @white_lightning and just partying so happily for like 10 hours in the best way possible in upstate New York in the best weather. (next morning, crazy heavy rain)
  5. FIRST FRIEND: A 2 year old girl my age that I cant remember the name of, but is like a hazy smiley misty memory. She was cool.
  6. FIRST TRAGEDY: (im throwing this in casually even tho its pretty intense, hey, but at this point its an accepted normal reality for me) Ok. My dad took his own life when I was 25. He was manic depressive. I being the youngest of us 3 kids probably got along with him the best of us.
    My mom is strong and has pulled through and is doing well after a long time being a bit lost as we all were.
  7. FIRST PERFORMANCE: Being one of the 3 wisemen in a church production. I carried the frankincense.