Lil guys. Cute little soldiers in a war to stop the harshness of everyday life.
  1. Starlight
    She was a gray and black Tabby cat. We lived on the edge of town near farm fields and she would catch mice, birds, and even a rabbit or 2 when we would let her out at night. We would find a present of the animals guts on the front stoop in the morning. (ewwww Starlight). She was born 4 years before me and lived to be 19. She ruled. Was very friendly and social. Patient with young kids. I loved her so much and was the hardest thing when we had to put her to sleep when I was 15. Just got teary.
  2. The Maestro
    My hamster! Mind you I named him this before Seinfeld was on television with a character named the Maestro. Not sure where I came up with it. He was cool. He pretty much didn't want to be held that much by his 10 year old owner. Sometimes would chill and let me pet him. He died in a tragic rollerskate accident.
  3. Madison
    She was a Persian/Siamese mix that my 9 years older than me sister got when I was in 5th grade as a Valentines day present. She and the dude ended up breaking up not long after this, my sister was going to college, and I ended up taking her on as my cat. She slept with me. She lost her leg in a car incident involving being up in the engine area of my sisters car when my mom started it. So my amputee cat had a little bit of a rattled Vietnam vet vibe after that. We still got along great tho.
  4. Oscar Beans Olson
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    He's 4 now and all me Elizabeth @white_lightning talk about is how he gets cuter and smaller everyday.