im sorry
  1. General
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    Mills. You guys ever have Circus Fun cereal? Creepy.
  2. Colonel
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    Sanders 🐔
  3. Major
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    Pain In My Neck!
  4. Lieutenant
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    I wonder if when people from the UK hear this word, they are like, (in British accent) "Wait, this is a bloke who lives in a bathroom, mate?" #LooTenant
  5. Sergeant
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    Slaughter. He was a wrestler. Did you know this is the proper way to spell this?
  6. Private
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    Benjamin. Great movie.
  7. @jakefogelnest So that I can post a photo I'm going to answer you "In List" (can we make this a thing, @bjnovak @dev ? if answering someone with a photo, your going "In List"? ha) Anyway, this selection from wikipedia should answer your question. What are we Sublime with Rome? 👎🏻
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