all great and grody. add suggestions obvi.
  1. The Hills
  2. Rock Of Love
  3. Being Bobby Brown
    Bobby B! RIP Whitney
  4. Surreal Life
  5. The Simple Life
  6. The Newlyweds
    I had to look this up, did you remember this was the name of the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey show? I did not.
  7. The Anna Nicole Show
  8. Howard on E! channel
    kind of a reality show
  9. The Osbournes
  10. Work Of Art
    this show was actually amazing, only 2 seasons. artist competition ala Top Chef-style with Simon de Pury "Sucklord!"
  11. certain seasons of the Real World. 1 -3, 7, 12
  12. The Road Rules seasons where the handsome reward was an iMac and a trip to Mexico.
    Suggested by @HydeYourLunch
  13. Blow Out, about the hairdresser / megalomaniacal demon Jonathan Antin.
    Suggested by @JessePearson
  14. Rock Star: Supernova. Jason Newsted cried a lot.
    Suggested by @JessePearson
  15. The Swan
    The Swan, y'all.
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  16. Boy Meets Boy
    Suggested by @vp
  17. The Mole season one
    Suggested by @therichdale