Heres a brief history of some of my selfies. Hope it inspires you in your selfie endeavors. Add your own here or tag me in your own selfie list so I can czech it out!
  1. Office Supply Lady Gaga Selfie
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  2. Ira Glass At Your Wedding Selfie
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  3. Wearing Tuxedo In A Public Bathroom Selfie
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  4. Holy Shit Im In Iceland And Dressed Like This Selfie
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  5. Halloween Selfie
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    You might be interested in this Grateful Dead reference @john, I was dressed as a hippy pickle by the name of Dill Lesh
  6. Tourist In Your Own City Selfie
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  7. Madonna Inn Selfie
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  8. Airport Selfie
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  9. Me And My Dog Selfie
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    Suggested by @white_lightning