First 5 songs to pop up on my shuffle. I ganked the idea from @lesleyarfin who had snaked it from @gabimoskowitz.
  1. The Rentals - Waiting
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    Oh hell yeah! Good first one. sweet tune, back when Maya Rudolph still chilled with these dudes, shes ripping a sweet afro in the video, if i remember correctly.
  2. Hüsker Dü - Hardly Getting Over It
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    Heavy song about getting older and dying. yeesh. Really changed the mood from the first song. All I can say is Uff Da! Uff da is Norwegian for Oi vey. Husker Du is from Minnesota like me (and Prince). My family is Norwegian on both sides. My mom's parents spoke Norwegian when they bickered. My grandpa had one arm, he lost one in a farming accident before I was born and had a prosthetic plastic arm with like a metal hook grabbing tool at the end. Hard times in Minnesota, man. Let's move on.
  3. Kelly Clarkson - Since You've Been Gone
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    Yaaaas Queen! Such a good change up. I mean, everyone loves this song. She's an American Idol made good and even indie rock royalty Ted Leo covered it. 👍
  4. Pearl Jam - Alive
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    Veddawg and the boys. This was there first single. I remember this coming out when I was 15 and I had already pledged my allegiance to Nirvana. As if you had to pick one or the other. These guys were not cool. Bass player with those ren faire hats? Then I grew to love them too (kinda half secretly). Saw them that summer at Lollapalooza with Ministry, Jesus And Mary Chain, Ice Cube!, RHCP, etc. Eddie stage dived like 20 feet off the scaffolding on the side of the stage into the crowd. #grunge
  5. Sonic Youth - Expressway To Yr Skull (aka Madonna, Sean, and Me)
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    Ok, this is an embarrasing amount of "alternative" music from the 80s and 90s coming up in this shuffle. Whatevs, I love this shit. I'm currently reading Kim Gordon's book and it's great, but also sad to get into the nitty gritty of the former king and queen of art rock's end of marriage. Last time I saw them play was 2010 at Hollywood Bowl with Pavement and No Age. Show was amazing. My friend is buds with manager John Silva and we got his box seat up front. Drank wine from the bottle. Ah, LA.