In the last decade I've lived in LA, NYC, and now the SF/ Bay area. SF is def the most densely populated with THEE MOST annoying people. LA shmoozers & NY hard asses are nothing compared to....
  1. Passive Agressive Judgemental People In Fleece Jackets
    It is intense the amount of nitpicky, BEFLEECED, #firstworldproblems peeps you come in contact with in this city. The whitest people that were once vivacious hippies and outsiders, that have not truly struggled in many years, yet come from a background of protest agression, so they still will dole out a stink eye to whoever is ordering a pour over coffee and chia seed vegan muffin at Sacred Grounds in front of them if they feel that their manner is not to their liking. Know tho, I 💙 fleece.
  2. Young Tech Bros Killing The Game
    These dudes are in their early 20s and have way too much confidence cuz they just received way too much money for their Tinder For Dogs app. You see them wasted on Friday nights stumbling down the sidewalk looking at their phone trying to get an Uber to go to a crazy party being thrown by Flipagram or Candy Crush or something.
  3. Old Tech Bros Who Killed The Game, Still Partying
    So many white haired dudes with LIGHT tans (keeping it Bay, not LA) that finally retired when they helped create Farmville and hit it big. Pulling up in a Tesla to a mansion in Sausalito to try out some new sex tech with a college age girl. (okay, this is a lot of me making things up I know nothing about, but sounds pretty good at least? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.