Fictional scenarios wherein someones Mama was not made fun of for being overweight, uneducated, what have you. A new Mama emerges. A positive spin on the hackneyed, tiresome format.
  1. Yo Mama so great she made me feel a part of your family and loved when I had to stay with you guys during truly troubling times.
  2. Yo Mama so great when she helped me put together my resume and hemmed my pants for a very important job interview because as you know I am trying to get back on my feet and my Mama is struggling with drug addiction.
  3. Yo Mama so great she really stepped up to the plate when no one else would on that kidney transplant.
  4. Yo Mama so great she is the author of a highly acclaimed Young Adult novel series that most recently was optioned for a motion picture franchise.
  5. Yo Mama so great she can sing with passion and soul that I am brought to tears by her stunning performances.
  6. Yo Mama's so great that the YA novel series that was optioned for a movie franchise is NOT another dystopian future nor does it have vampires. Instead it actually has actual character development, a decent plotline and is written by someone who clearly knows how to write.
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