1. Kat Stratford
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    Queen, HBIC, etc. She is forever my aesthetic.
  2. Bogey Lowenstein
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    That must be Nigel with the Brie!
  3. Patrick Verona
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    Marry me, pls. Thanks.
  4. Michael
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    I love him, dick on his face and all. And I mean look at how fucking cute David Krumholtz is?!
  5. Cameron James
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    So cute. And also borderline obsessive.
  6. Mandella
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    Me in high school. Except replace Shakespeare with F. Scott Fitzgerald. Also I really like that here she isn't the best god damn dancer at the American Ballet Academy.
  7. Mr. Stratford
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    He absolutely kills me.
  8. Bianca Stratford
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    She likes her Sketchers but loves her Prada backpack, you guys.
  9. Chastity
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    A straight up bitch.
  10. Joey "Eat Me" Donner
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    The absolutely fucking WORST.