1. A coworker of mine asked me how old I was.
  2. When I told her I was 26, she asked me if I'd like a 19 year old or 24 year old boyfriend.
  3. Because she has two sons that need a good woman.
  4. She then proceeded to ask me if I was single.
  5. I said of course, because men are fucking morons 99.9% of the time.
  6. She then told me about her 24 year old son who is going to school to become an electrician.
  7. She also said that he would "treat me like a queen" because electricians make good money.
  8. I asked her if she was positing that I would be a Christmas gift to one or both of her sons.
  9. She said something along the lines of yes.
  10. Then she said that I seem like a nice girl who her son(s) would respect.
  11. Then she asked me if I was embarrassed by her asking me that (I wasn't) and if I was interested (I wasn't).
  12. Then she proceeded to talk her kids up the rest of the shift I worked with her.
  13. I talked to a couple of my old coworkers who think I should go out on a date with this 24 year old.
  14. And now I'm contemplating going on a date with this 24 year old who's mom is so desperate to pawn him off of someone she asked a girl that works with her.