Maybe ranked, maybe ordered in which ones I remembered first.
  1. Hollywood Video (1)
    Such a good job. Talking about movies and doing nothing? Ordering Chinese from the place next door and talking about movies? Yuss.
  2. Lagoon and Sonic Drive Inn (Tie for last)
  3. Plant Nursery (2)
  4. Web Editor for local government (also number 2)
  5. Night auditor for hotel (3)
  6. Retail (4)
  7. Call center, assumption of liability genie (5)
  8. Forest Service Librarian (man I wanted to love this job! But it's 6)
  9. Math department test printer (7)
  10. God I've had too many jobs. This list goes on.
  11. I sold pies at the farmers market for a little pie company I started
  12. I flipped burgers in a city owned cafe at the ballpark for a summer (I liked this job)
  13. Hostess at a couple restaurants
  14. I'm only 28, I've had as many jobs as James Franco
  15. Office temp
  16. Night watch a girls home
  17. Ok I'm going to stop now.