Swipe right and find out...
  1. You decided to include a photo of yourself next to a chained up tiger in Thailand.
  2. Your list of hobbies includes the word 'wanderlust.'
  3. Or 'Pizza'
  4. Or 'Netflix and chill'
  5. You describe yourself as '420 friendly'
  6. Your bio includes any kind of motivational quote.
    Most likely something you heard in a Ted talk one time.
  7. You are straight up lying about your height.
    "5'11" because apparently that matters"
  8. No one knows who you actually are because there are a minimum of 4 people in every one of your photos.
  9. You included a photo in which you have clearly cropped out a previous girlfriend.
  10. You have a photo which includes your girlfriend.
  11. You have a photo which includes your wife.
  12. You have a photo of your wife on YOUR WEDDING DAY.
  13. One of your photos was taken using the comic book photobooth filter that was popular in 2007.
  14. You include a photo of yourself wearing sunglasses indoors.
  15. You took a shirtless selfie in front of the mirror in your bathroom.
    With the flash on.