Allow Me to Listroduce Myself

sweet southern and simple
  1. I love life and I love people
    I find myself asking, "At what point in childhood did my heart for people become so big?" Maybe I was just born with it. My smile tells it all.
  2. Nature is my getaway....
    I love and respect it all. It is not man made. Its amazing and beautiful all at the same time. I really should look into a career that requires a lot of outdoor time...... Hmmm
  3. ALWAYS have been a hopeless romantic.
    I need love and need to give it too. I seriously loved every person's lips that have ever touched mine. I know that sounds crazy! It's the truth. I thought they loved me too because of my unconditional love for them to begin with.
  4. Some call me Mom
    Well actually two..... Two very sweet, loving, wild, beautiful blue eyed doll babies. Children are so resilient. I wish I was still a child sometimes. Parenthood, it's everything you think it will be .....❤
  5. I also love animals.
    Seems like I just love everything?! Animals are a part of nature. (see "Nature is my getaway" above)
  6. My wine is muscidine 🍷
    I almost said - I love muscidine wine ! 😂............... It reminds me of childhood summers in deep woods south Georgia. Blackberries also.
  7. Music and Artists of Music are very important to me
    I love and respect them all as well and can't begin to delve into well...... That's a whole other list or two.
  8. Happy Happy Happy
    I want to be a sort of inspiration to others who are less than happy. We all have a reason to be happy , some just need help finding it.
  9. You get what you pay for.
    It is what it is. I like nice things and if you like nice things and you want nice things you have to work hard to have money for nice things no matter who you are or what you do. Scale of monetary value or any value may vary. Still have to work hard for it either way. I know that.
  10. Humble and Faithful
    Being appreciative of what you have says a lot about your character. I am beyond thankful for every little thing material and not. Having the strength to believe that something more is coming is my faith. I'll always have that to stand on!
  11. Riding this roller coaster
    I am not always all sunshine, puppies,lolly pops and warm fuzzy hugs. This goes without pointing out that I am inevitably female. Nuff said. I'll save the deep stuff for another list. Man I love the symbol count on this app! I can express my full thought plus some. @john I see why it suits you...... Twitter, why have you held us back so long, I feel so free in this list app.
  12. I think my first list was a success ✔
    It beats my original very boring idea of putting up my current grocery list, because that's all I could come up with at the time.