Reasons why I HAVE to be DONE with @john

I'm convincing myself here.
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    6 months of being single and investing every single available moment of my life to his life is a little much for someone you don't personally know
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    2 years in a serious relationship and now happily married , and still devoting too much time and thought into his life is really disturbing
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    Buying every shirt, every ticket for snack money for him ..or me .... kinda. .... I don't even know anymore.... totally making my case here
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    His friends and brothers are creeped out that I might know more about them and him than expected
    Then to also choose to talk to them casually (very nice people btw)
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    It's coming to that point where , as a Libra , I will turn my back on something unaccomplished and it will dig at me from underneath until I die. Something that I worked so hard for with NO avail
    I did have one FB post like once
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    So much of my mindless time is devoted to him I don't know what I will do with my time now
    Everyone who knows me , knows all of this list very well already without reading it
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    For reasons too long I had to stand at the show last night the entire time and I did happily! And I just cut the rest of that thought off
    Cause I am donnneeee done done
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    Ok back to convincing reasons : I will never meet him , I will never be his friend personally , he will never know me personally period
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    The lawn show in atl is my last hoorah
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    I wish him all the luck in the world with the love of his life whom *mark my words* he has not met yet but it's coming
    And it's really none of my business actually !?
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    Both of my kids know who he is what he looks like that I'm crazy about him and when he is playing on the radio at any place we go
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    I'm not just a fan anymore , I'm on a mission. Mission impossible ......
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    I know the address to his house ,scratch that , his home, by way of tax assessors website , and deep research , not the one he stays in mostly in CA which is just a place to stay
    That's creepy , like I was gonna show up one day ? 🙋🏼Hi how you doin ? 🙄
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    I've convinced myself that he does see my efforts and by reverse studying, knows me in a sense
    Who am I kidding 😂 oh yea 😒 me / but really I have blown his social media up for WHILE now. Majorly - every account (that I know of) he's the reason I have any other social account aside from FB
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    I know too much about the man , I just do.....
    And we have way to much in common , alot alike in a lot of ways 🙄 see see I'm crazy this has to be DONE
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    I think about his parents health and have from the beginning 😕
    I know nothing about his parents
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    I want him to spend time with his brothers more than he does .....
    Why? All this is genuine , and I have to let the world know before I let it go
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    I love Moose but that's not a great reason , everyone who knows of Moose loves him.
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    If he read this, all the grammatical errors and improper English would truly bother him.
    What do I care , I can't care.....
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    He's very long winded and the fact that I know that for sure means I know too much.
    I don't want to know anymore . There's not a shovel emoji or a pile of dirt 😒
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    This relationship hahahaha has been very emotionally draining and I am done with it.
    Although it could have flourished , which is along the lines of every thought of every other female ever
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    The one who had it all gave up on it.
    Such a shame and loss on her part.
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    Just when I have stopped following everyone / Snapchat gets me ! 😒 time heals all time heals all 6/14/17 11 am but timeless
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    I think I'll allow myself to gather more reasons until Thurs Aug 10th . After I watch him live for the last time. Here in Atl. Then , then I will be completely done. 👍🏻 #healingprocess
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    If I am anything like John Mayer when it comes to moving on and getting over I am screwed 😒♎️
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    Imagine that ......surprise surprise
    The one single person with ties that I continue to follow due to lovely photography....... and who would have guessed he is the photographer of choice for us both 🤷‍♀️#goodphotographydontlie
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    Didn't realize how many of "me" there were
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