At a friends house, in walk these two characters. Most ridiculous people ever.
  1. First we discussed what it was like to give birth.
    They both say they don't remember
  2. Girl 1: only slept with a guy because she "liked his dick"
  3. Girl 2: threw a phone at her mother
  4. Girl 1: tried liquid cocaine
    I didn't understand what that was until she told me.
  5. Both girls had have two children all the same age
  6. Both girls just turned 21
  7. Both girls participated in a foursome together, then got bored and quit halfway through.
  8. After said foursome they were publicly accused of giving the other two people in the foursome chlamydia
    Was assured by these girls that they do not have chlamydia
  9. Then we talked about which STD is called "the clap."
    They didn't know.
  10. Finished the night with girl one telling me she works with "retarded people"
    I couldn't believe she actually said that. Especially because I knew that she knew it was wrong and highly inappropriate.