I went to Toronto this weekend for my Cousins Wedding, and found a few weird things I thought I'd share. (Also you should note this is not my first time in Canada. We live fairly close to the boarder. )
  1. They still have pay phones. Like everywhere.
    And they all have a weird name I can't remember. Also my phone said "Rogers" at the top the whole time and I'm still a little confused by it. Even though it was explained to me many times.
  2. If you're hungry, don't fret there's a Subway or a Tim Hortons around every corner.
    I guess Jared the pedophile didn't phase Canada at all.
  3. Their highway systems make little to no sense
    Their roads just branch off without any warning and you wind up in strange Canada lands.
  4. Everyone's too nice
    As a native New Yorker (State, not the city) I'm naturally suspicious of too nice people. It's unsettling.
  5. They're so refreshingly liberal
    There were gender neutral bathrooms everywhere and perks for drivers who drove Eco-friendly/ carpool responsible. I loved it and there wasn't a gun toting maniac in sight.
  6. Yet they were also weirdly conservative.
    Everything closed early. Like everything. 7:00pm and shops were closed. It was weird.
  7. They have this super sad love for Great Britain
    All I could think was, "But they make fun of you too. " poor Canada and their Stockholm syndrome
  8. Everything's pretty expensive there which made me feel at home.
  9. But the weirdest part of all was...
    I secretly loved it there.