Reasons why ABC should #RenewAgentCarter

  1. We still need to see the formation of SHIELD
    The missions pre-SHIELD have been so great but how did Peggy go from breaking rules and kicking ass to formulating a spy organization?
  2. We need to see who shot Thompson and why
    Finally Jack makes himself on the side of the good guys and boom shot in the.... shoulder? Chest? What is? Was it Red Thompson?
  3. More Dottie
    Please no explanation needed
  4. More secondary kick ass ladies
    Rose, Ana, etc. All these women kicked ass and actually supported each other. No soapy drama. More please
  5. More Jarvis
    Because he didn't want to live life as an ANDROID Device
  6. More OG science bros
    Ok chances are Reggie Austin wouldn't come back full time. But we can check on Howard in his Malibu lab where Jason is a? Because science?
  7. Tara Butters /Michele Fazekas
    Amazing showrunners who clearly know what they are doing