That I can remember. This list make me feel so lucky to have been able to go to so many places. If you can, it's worth it. In your own country or elsewhere.
  1. Saudi Arabia -1992
    I was really little and don't remember much except eating at a Japanese restaurant?
  2. United Kingdom
    At 10 and 12, then 19, 25 and 27 (aka now). Doesn't include airport transfers
  3. Canada
    Quebec on a school field trip in 2001. I'd been packing my own suitcase for a while at that point but I wish my mom would have checked. My clothes were NOT weather appropriate.
  4. France
    At 12 and 15? Loved it. I spoke better French then as opposed to now that's for sure.
  5. Kenya
    Beautiful everything. When I realized I could wear a sweater (Rift Valley ➡️high altitude➡️cold) at the equator my mind was BLOWN.
  6. Uganda
    Also beautiful. The avocados were MASSIVE.
  7. Ghana
    Spicy food! My taste buds have never been the same and I am eternally grateful. More spice please!
  8. Bucket list: Croatia, fly to the furthest point north in Russia just to see what it looks like, Morocco, Rwanda, the DRC, South Africa, Ethiopia, Belize, Mexico...