I can't pick just one of anything. This was exhausting.
  1. COLOR: Yellow
  2. BOOK: this is too hard. I think "Things Fall Apart"
  3. ACTRESS: Viola Davis and the British woman in Broadchurch and Night Manager whose name escapes me
  4. ACTOR: Benedict Cumberbatch/Idris Elba
  5. PROBLEMATIC ACTOR: Bill Murray/ all these male actors with domestic violence charges and allegations that I didn't know about
  6. FLOWER: lilies
  7. ANIMAL: Gorilla
  8. MOVIE: the departed
  9. SNL CAST MEMBER: Will Ferrell
  11. POEM: Invictus - William Henley
  12. SONG: carry on - fun
  13. FAVORITE COUSIN: the 15 year old one
  14. FAVORITE PARENT: eternal guilt would follow me forever and ever
  15. CHAIN RESTAURANT: Applebee's (yeah I said it)
  16. NON CHAIN RESTAURANT - a pizza place that has great cocktails on the east coast
  17. LIVING LEGEND: any doctor anywhere who continues to work after being threatened/shot at/injured because of their work (assuming they aren't you know...attaching human parts to chimps)
  18. TRASH TV: the kardashians
  19. DRAMA: Luther
  20. SUBJECT TO TUTOR: History
  21. BIBLE VERSE: pass - my religious views are mineeee
  22. FRUIT: pineapple
  24. SEASON: spring
  25. CITY: London
  26. NUMBER: 25
  27. COLLEGE PROFESSOR: my writing one whose name escapes me - he was awesome
  28. AMERICAN GIRL: Kirsten
  29. HOLIDAY: Christmas