1. To my dad, whom I accidentally turned into a Hamilton musical monster. My family might not forgive me for that one. Who put my hair into a low ponytail at Disney world. Who wanted a daughter and got two. Who I love very much. Who tells us how proud he is all the time. Who modeled how we should be treated in relationships.
  2. To my uncles, especially my uncle Jeff. Being the apple of your eye first, before you had a family of your own, was the best.
  3. For any male cousin/friend/relative/role model who stepped up as a father figure to someone who needed one
  4. For husbands who can't wait to be dads but aren't yet.
  5. For the single moms that have to be dads too
  6. For all the dads who are dearly missed on earth.
  7. For everyone who has not such a great relationship with their dad, and doesn't feel like celebrating. That's ok too.