My tastes get bizarre. But my ears are the only ones listening with my headphones sooooo
  1. Belting out musicals in a car on a highway can be better therapy than therapy.
  2. Beyoncé sang about all my feelings about sex when I was ready for them. And 'run the world (girls)' has my vote for a feminist anthem. I don't think I'm alone there...
  3. The South African national anthem makes me cry. I have never been to South Africa.
  4. Audra McDonald is my queen.
  5. Fun's 'Carry On' makes me carry on
  6. If you have a banjo I'm hooked - but I don't like country music. Just put it anywhere else.
  7. Motown makes me want to dance
  8. Celine Dion's "it's all coming back to me now" is the most melodramatic best thing ever
  9. I love that two people can be completely different culturally, physically, emotionally but one song or album makes you both lose your shit