1. Belle on Broadway /Actress on Broadway
    Favorite Disney princess being on Broadway? My seven year old mind COULD NOT HANDLE IT. In my dreams I EGOT starting with a breakout role when I'm 50 or so.
  2. President
    Because no one said I couldn't 😀. Important to note that I did not have a concept of politics at this age (8-9)
  3. Teacher for the deaf
    I have no idea where this came from. I think I wanted to learn sign language?
  4. Writer
    Because I read so much.
  5. Midwife
    I was the only one in my family who wanted to go to the birthing exhibit at the Boston Science museum. I still think it is all utterly fascinating.
  6. Something in international development
    Insert life changing trips to various "developing" countries (yes, white girl traveling and volunteering in the developing world stereotype, I did it and I get that it has its own ethical concerns). Definitely cynical after working in the industry (it is a business and it is competitive) and have heard every debate about its merits ten ways from Sunday. Hearing any development buzzword makes my muscles tense up. But sometimes things come together and work out.
  7. Public health professional
    Ok people we landed on it finally. It's what I am going to get my masters in. I found myself being more drawn to health aspects of development in college and career, and it can be applied in loads of ways at home or around the world. I'm still EGOTing though.