This needs no intro...
  1. 😘
    Because I'm basic
  2. 🙊
    When I'm not sure what to say. It fills the awkward pause.
  3. 👍🏼 or 👎🏼
    It's best to reply to most messages with an emoji instead of the ever passive aggressive "ok"
  4. 💞
    I still haven't quite figured out what this one means. But it's clearly two hearts dancing or something. Appropriate on many occasions.
  5. 🦄
    I won't even justify this one.
  6. 🎀
    Because it's a pretty pink bow!
  7. 🚼
    Drunk person crossing.
  8. 🍾
    I haven't even used the champagne emoji yet and it's already made my list of faves.