My Life in London

Here are some pics outlining my day-to-day in the British capital and why I'll never leave. Visa be damned.
  1. This is the view I wake up to every morning from my shoebox of a flat. They call apartments flats here. I still have yet to ask why.
  2. Interior of said flat. I should work on the decor of this blue monstrosity in 2016.
  3. Here is my place of work. Had to find a pic on Google images, bc why would I ever take this photo? Looking good John Lewis HQ!
  4. My trip to the Gagosian (aka my neighborhood gallery), pretending to understand why this art starts at £10m
  5. Doing British things with my Canadian friends. Here we are at the Royal Ascot.
  6. Eating British food. Rabbit tagliatelle with honeycombs with mascarpone for dessert 😍
  7. This city loves its cake. Here's one of the best slices ever from Hummingbird Bakery
  8. Walks along South Bank.
  9. Peanut the pug that I puppy sat for one weekend.
  10. Being able to attend cool discussion panels for work. We do not have such panels in Whitby, Ontario.
  11. British men and their sense of style. Pretty much the best ever and a great way to end this list.