Reflections Of My Trip Home To Kentucky

After a recent visit "home" I find myself needing to create my very first list after months of only reading other's lists.
  1. The scenery of where I'm from. I tend to forget how beautiful Kentucky is and the last week was a great reminder.
  2. The love we Kentuckians have for college sports. I believe there is only one team that is truly representative of KY and that's the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Go Big Blue!
  3. I'm an only child, so I cherish the friendships that I have maintained for 30 years. Kelly and Sonya (actual sisters) treat me like I'm one of them and there's no way to explain how good that feels.
  4. The true purpose of the trip was to accompany my mom back home so she could see her brother, my dad's sister, and her dear friend who isn't well. All 3 accomplished!
  5. I spent more time on the road than I anticipated. Lots of time in Kelly's car.
  6. But one of those days was to go get Brother Chris a new one of these. Affectionately named the turd (TRD). 😉
  7. It was a wonderful visit home, and it went way too fast. I am already looking forward to my next visit.