1. My cup of coffee
    Arielle develops a crush on a Starbucks barista that spells her name correctly without asking.
  2. It's a wink, not a twitch
    Arielle tries to flirt with a man on the rush hour subway.
  3. (Not) bendy like a pretzel
    Arielle tries yoga for the first time.
  4. Oops... Did not see you there
    Arielle drives alone for the first time.
  5. It was not me
    Arielle farts in public and blames the sound and smell on a stranger.
  6. Who are you?
    Arielle meets someone she stalks online daily for the first time and pretends she does not know his life story already.
  7. Try me
    Arielle challenges a 7 year old to an intense battle of Just Dance (any edition) dances.