1. George Washington
    The GOAT, the OG
  2. Abraham Lincoln
    Kept the Union together in its darkest hour
  3. Thomas Jefferson
    Wrote the greatest founding document in political history.
  4. James Madison
    Wrote the greatest legal document in history.
  5. Audie Murphy
    Basically singlehandedly defeated the Nazis
  6. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    One of the greatest Republicans in history
  7. Ted Williams
    521 home runs, 39 Air Force combat missions
  8. James K. Polk
    Served one term. Did what he wanted to do. Left office. Died.
  9. Sam Walton
    Made more affordable products available to more people in more places than any other man in history.
  10. Henry Ford
    Shoutout to cars being affordable to the middle class.
  11. JUST MISSING THE CUT: Abner Doubleday, John Pemberton, Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash, Hank Hill, JFK, Bob Hope, Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen