The List App has become my confessional
  1. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
    I blame it on my Dad making them in the evening while I watched Looney Tunes in VHS.
  2. Horchatas
    Ever since the first sip from my first taco truck - I haven't been the same.
  3. Kimchi
    I tried Kimchi at a buffet and enjoyed the heat. I ended up dating a lovely Korean girl from Upstate NY who took me to the best Korean food spot in Midtown. She upped my kimchi game and my heart rate at the same damn time.
  4. Victoria Cerveza
    I don't have a great story for this. All I can say is that its a damn good Mexican beer when you want to get away from the usual suspects.
  5. Tequila
    People hate it - I love it. I've had my best times and my worst times with it - therefore its a marriage.
  6. Electronic Music
    Im from Detroit - nuff said.
  7. Women
    There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the female form. The sound of those heels on a wood floor is commanding. The time you spent on your hair. The way you intoxicate a room with your scent. The intuition in your eyes. Lastly, you have control and then lose all of it in a split second. Can't live with you, absolutely bored without you.