Happiness is so subjective because it's all about how you view what it is about this waking life that brings you joy.
  1. Birds chirping in trees.
    Just realizing nature is a great way to help human beings see that they are part of a whole, which is majestic, is enough to humble the ego and help us become more content with life itself.
  2. Dogs chasing their own tails.
    Sometimes the simplest of things can be the reminder necessary for a deep understanding of the pointlessness of existence. Even so, there is something hilarious about the meaningless actions all living creatures do.
  3. Babies laughing.
    Those poor babies have no idea what they're in for and this is the mindset often needed to be totally happy.
  4. A warm meal.
    Be grateful for the simplest of things and happiness will likely follow. Just like squats, practicing gratitude is a work out for the part of the brain which controls serotonin and oxytocin; the hormones mostly associated with happiness.
  5. Summer sun at the beach.
    Sand sun and sea foam. The beach, and subsequently the ocean, reminds humans just how insignificant we are to the earth and humbles us. This perspective isn't gained automatically but can provide comfort in the way life unfolds. It reminds the individual of the multitude of activities available which help us enjoy life.
  6. Great sex.
    Hormones and cardiovascular stress; a superb combination which reminds us why we still like other people too, sometimes.
  7. Good weed.
    Dopamine is produced along with endocannabinoids which regulate THC and CBD introduced to the body via inhalation of smoke or vapor containing cannabis. This makes humans feel awesome.
  8. A visit from a long time friend.
    The past is never important to people who enjoy each other's company at every given moment. These moments become less frequent as we age but are more cherished as well.
  9. A smile from your crush.
    The moment a set of eyes are genuinely smiling back can change someone's mood instantly, especially if the person smiling back is of interest.
  10. Overcoming fear.
    Finding out fear is just a set of signals firing in the brain and nothing more is liberating. Fear keeps us from doing everything which can be worth doing in order to conquer our own vices. Overcoming fear can lead to a more happy existence by way of dissolving the illusion of fear.
  11. Accomplishing goals.
    Getting things done gives everyone a sense of fulfillment which leads to happiness.
  12. Comfort while sleeping
    A fluffy pillow. A comforter or quilt as old as you are. A teddy bear. Cuddling with a loved one. Sleep is important and so is comfort. Comfortable sleep is peaceful sleep and peaceful sleep leads to happiness by providing the energy to take on the day.
  13. Family.
    Nothing feels better than someone who understands our own perspective and behavior. Family is the reality check necessary for happiness because family brings us back to Mother Earth and reminds us we are human beings who need each other.