Some of my favorites buckets
  1. Paint bucket
    Just a place to store some paint
  2. Popcorn bucket
    It's the most sensible option. It's like a dollar more and you get free refills. Even after the movie is over and you want to take some on the go around a Westfield mall
  3. Ice bucket
    One of my favs. Self explanatory. Pour over your head and save a life.
  4. Water Bucket
    It's the ice bucket plus an extended period of time. Just fill with ice and wait.
  5. Sand bucket
    Life's a beach. Take some on the go
  6. A Pot
    You can boil water and make pasta. It's a very practical bucket.
  7. A trash can
    Those old tin buckets they stopped making because we produce too much trash and needed to be upgraded to giant plastic containers
  8. Raining buckets
    Nothing but net like Steph Curry
  9. Bucket of Balls
    Tennis Balls, golf balls, whatever. The more the merrier.
  10. Bucket list
    It's important to log your life goals.