1. The worst thing that can happen is that it gets awkward~ Fredrika 2k15
  2. You can lick me anytime~Julia 2k15
  3. Michelle, you make me whiter!!~Fredrika 2k15
    This was when we were going to take a selfie and since i'm oliveskinned, I made her look whiter than she already is. Is whiter even a word.
  4. In 7th grade we bought candy. In 8th grade we were on our way home to eat the candy. In 9th grade we're eating it~Fredrika 2k15
    Funniest thing i've heard hahaha
  5. Learn something from this Michelle. Sometimes the things you love the most hurt you the most, when you least expect it~Abril, in a discussion about how I accidently burned myself when I was going to taste a pasta thingy
    I have learned my lesson
  6. We were smuggled in together to Sweden in a banana box~Abril 2k15, talking about Dora and herself
  7. I was smuggled to Sweden in a grape box~ Fredrika 2k15
  8. Orvar= au revoir~Milla 2k15
    (Orvar is a swedish name) I hate french, why did i choose it.
  9. Ni är legit mellan mina ben~4/11-15 Millz
  10. Ha nt ångest ba~ Fred at my side
  11. Cocko blocko = cockblock~Minea 2k16
  12. Akta er för könsorgan~ Millz 2k16
  13. Det uttalas moskito ~ Lotte 2k17
  14. Jag är ett kakmonster ~ Andre 2k16
  15. Isabel, din musiksmak är värre än din killsmak ~ Lotte 2k17
  16. In, ut, sprut ~ Abril 2k16
  17. "I'm going to get married here" ~ Me, when thinking about Bali; 8/1-17 02:12
  18. Mat är fysiskt~ Juli 2k17
  19. Smakis päron med granatäpple~ Elias 2k16
  20. The book was not so good, that's why I foam read it~ Isabel 2k17
  21. Michelle: Jag tror att det här är the beatles Isabel: doritos? ~ 2k17
  22. Malin kan dö~ Viggo 2k16
  23. Jag ska smöra henne~Addz 2k16
  24. Abril klappade en toarulle mot sitt ansikte?????????