I've changed schools and now I go to Nacka high school in science class. (PS. The swedish school system is different from te american one).
  1. I have already embarassed myself 2 times infront of my new class. GR8
  2. I kinda like my class mates. I already have a girl squad with 3 other girls and they're funny and nice. I like most of my other clasmates besides two douches.
  3. I have lost contact with a few of my friends from the school that I used to go to. I'm a bit heartbroken.
  4. The food in school sucks, like a lot. Which means I keep spending money on buying sandwiches from the school cafeteria.
    I spend too much money on food.
  5. I like all my classes and teachers but since I'm in a science class, the math is very hard and I'm not good at math. I'm happy as long as I get a C in math tbh.
  6. The people are so pretty here??? Meanwhile I look like a potato haha.
  7. I'm quite happy about going to this school.