Some of these things come from tumblr ok
  1. Always bring a waterbottle
  2. Often change small things
    Since i'm too scared for big changes
  3. Get something new wher I often go to eat, not just the usual
  4. If you’re texting someone, but nervous to send it, just click the fucking send button. You typed that out for a reason.
  5. Stay out late, but wake up early. You’ll be glad you had all of your day
  6. Keep at least 50 kr at you at all time
    Shoutout to swedish crones
  7. If you have to, make the first move. It’s scary, but someone has to do it.
  8. Take plenty of pictures. Of the sunset, your food, your friends, your dog, selfies. Everything. That way, later when you scroll through your camera roll, you’ll remember everything about that day, good or bad.
  9. Drink 3L(?) water everyday
    Hahahaha good luck with that Michelle.