1. My first option is definitely to hide myself in my bed
    I turn off the lights and get under the sheets and just lay there
  2. I like to hug my friend Julia, she's a great hugger 10/10 would recommend
  3. Sometime I force myself to interact with my friends even though i'm sad and emotionally exhausted simply because I know they will bring a smile to my face no matter what
    I never tell them this, but I really do love and appreciate them.
  4. Shopping is the answer
    And when I say shopping, I don't mean just buying clothes and stuff that I need, I mean useless stuff like a cook book (you will never see me cook) and a frame with a picture of a cat with the words 'TURN UP' and glitter all over it and basically anything from Urban Outfitters
  5. Food is your best friend when your best friend isn't
    I ate two ben & jerrys and tons of chocolate bars etc in the span of 2 days, then I spent the remaining days of the week hating myself even more because of that, but now i'm kinda proud