This should be interesting.. Ps. I demand that this goes viral, I just spent 10 minutes digging through my garbage.
  1. Ben & Jerry, cinnamon buns
    I asked my dad for chocolate fudge brownie but I got cinnamon buns. I couldn't be more disappointed.
  2. 304 tissues
    I was sick recently and my nose was running faster than I ever could.
  3. A corny bar with chocolate flavor
    I definitely recommend these!!
  4. A receipt for a bookshop.
    I bought "The flowers of evil" by Charles Baudelaire!!! I love it!!!
  5. Lots of hair, sadly.
    I loose a lot of hair. End of story.
  6. Marabou
    Marabou is Swedish chocolate, lite mer mmm i livet.
  7. A corny bar with chocolate AND banana flavor
    Because chocolate is just not enough
  8. Some more tissues
  9. Chewing gum
    I have an addiction, let's not talk about it.