His second marriage, my first; we're in our 40s; we have full custody of his two teen girls; we have a dog who's jealous of the puppy we adopted this weekend.
  1. People aren't kidding when they say "marriage takes work".
    But as much as I didn't understand it before, I can't explain it now.
  2. It's important to know how you like to receive love.
    We both prefer acts of kindness. I make sinker matzo balls for him and he surprises me by filling my tank with gas (not a euphemism).
  3. It's odd to have gone from doing everything yourself to having someone handle responsibilities WITH you.
    I feel simultaneously secure and out of touch.
  4. Running errands together on Saturday night isn't sexy but it sure is lovely.
  5. Headphones are mandatory.
    So he can fall asleep watching tv and I can simply fall asleep.
  6. Being temperature compatible is a glorious, comfortable bonus.