I never really understood this phenomenon but it happens all the time
  1. The other day I went to the bathroom at work
  2. I started to pee, standing at the urinal like a normal human being
  3. A few seconds later someone comes up to the urinal next to me and starts to pee as well
  4. Almost immediately he starts farting
  5. Not just subtle smelly gas, but loud and wet ones.
    Some would carry on for several seconds
  6. And I stood there wondering when a urinal became a safety blanket for farts
    Note: stalls are perfectly appropriate farting territory, but you might as well just fart in my face if you're farting at the urinal
  7. I had to finish peeing and thus had to endure the aftermath of his farts (/sharts?)
    I was helplessly trapped at the urinal unable to move, and he subjected me to a less than pleasant odor
  8. What do you guys think? Is farting/ sharting at the urinal acceptable?