Omg, Netflix is the devil. Why don't they have Yoga or Brazilian Butt Lift or something?
  1. Jane the Virgin
    I love this show. It's so cute and silly and easy to watch.
  2. New Girl
    How have I not been watching this on network? But now that I've discovered it on Netflix I never want it to end.
  3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Thank you, Tina Fey for more comedy gold.
  4. OITNB
    I like watching it slowly transition from comedy to drama. Jenji Kohan is a genius.
  5. House of Cards
    I could only hope our political system is as corrupt and entertaining as this show. #tedcruzforprez #trumpforprez #somuchdrama
  6. Master of None
    Thank you, Aziz Ansari for making television awkward again.
  7. Broadchurch
    Fuck this show. But I can't stop watching.
  8. Narcos
    When is season two starting?
  9. Call the Midwife
    Don't watch this show while pregnant or on maternity leave. I mean it. You will be tempted but DONT DO IT!
  10. Sherlock
    Need I say more?
  11. Grace and Frankie
    A feel good show to watch with your aging parents.