I spend 2-3 hours every single day listening to podcasts. Sometimes more. Here are the winners in my book. Warning: STRONG nerd bias.
  1. This American Life.
    Obvious maybe but perfect for everyone. You can listen to the entire back archives from the early 90s on their site- the early ones are like magical time capsules.
  2. Reply All.
    A podcast about all things Internet. Short, zippy, great narratives from this NPR spin-off. The hosts are kind of like if click and clack lived in Brooklyn in 2015.
  3. Radiolab.
    Because science is actually the coolest. Always. Mind = blown nearly every episode.
  4. 99 Percent Invisible.
    Because EVERYTHING is design. Very soothing and fun listen.
  5. Planet Money.
    An amazing peak into the secret world of monies. Makes me feel 16% more smart with every episode.
  6. The Adaptors.
    An great upstart young podcast with mind blowing and futuristic...and very reflective stories!
  7. On the media.
    Listening to the news is deeply depressing and disorienting largely. On the media makes me feel like I actually understand what's happening in the world.