I'm lucky enough to have people who still buy me gifts, but honestly if I get one more of any of these, I think I'll be able to start my own store full of re-gifting gifts.
  1. Mugs
    It's no surprise I love all types of drinks and use mugs even to drink my alc (super ratchet, I know, but that poor college student life is real), but I don't think my tiny studio can handle more than the 13 mugs I currently have. These are all very special mugs - a Winnie the Pooh one, one with a 'P' on it, two from Anthro that I love dearly, the list goes on. But really, I don't think I need any more mugs.
  2. Headbands
    I put my hair in a bun a lot with an old elastic headband from way back when, and while people think I do it for style, it's really for convenience. Thus, the whole 'headband and bun' thing became my 'style' and people keep gifting me headbands even though I honestly am not a huge fan. I just wear them to make people feel like I'm using their gift
  3. Jewelry
    As most women know, you're either a gold jewelry person, or a silver jewelry person. I personally am a silver. But my skin color says I'm a gold. So people buy me lots of gold bracelets and earrings and necklaces and I rarely wear them. Oddly enough though, when I do, I always get compliments that my jewelry is beautiful. Maybe it's time I actually switch to gold
  4. Candles
    I LOVE candles but I'm very picky with scents. My top three are: 1) clean cotton/Fresh Linen 2) anything lavender or jasmine 3) the smell of rain. Not a huge fan of fruity or sweet (think vanilla, cinnamon), but apparently I give off an aura that those are my favorite scents?! So now my place is filled with fruit scents in my attempt to use them all so I can go buy more of my favorites. Go figure