I once read a quote that said 'Ask a curly girl about her hair and she'll talk about her entire life.' No statement has ever been more true. Here are some of the key life skills I've learned thanks to my hair.
  1. Things, more often than not, won't go as you planned
    I'm the type of person who likes to plan everything out. But my curly hair has taught me that life is chaotic, and doesn't always follow the rules. There are always a few curls that don't curl the same way as the others, making it so difficult to make your hair look semi-decent, just like in life, there are a few things that make you change your original plans
  2. It's okay to be stubborn
    Just like your curls, which refuse to do what you want, it's okay for you to sometimes be stubborn in things that you really believe in
  3. Pick your battles
    There are days where I fight my curls and try to straighten my hair, knowing I don't have enough time. And then after about 20 minute and only finishing 1/8 of my hair, I get frustrated and irritated with myself for wanting to do this, and try to make myself look presentable with uneven hair. Those are the days I should realize its not worth trying to fight something as trivial as my hair. This idea has translated to actual disagreements and fights I have faced.
  4. Be yourself
    Frizz is annoying, obnoxious, and oh, NOT REAL HAIR. it's basically BS that's trying to pose as hair. Don't be like frizz. Don't try to be something you're not.