Progression of my thoughts from the first hour or so of my day. I swear, I'm actually a positive person. Just not in the morning.
  1. Damn it, it's too early. No more 8 am classes next semester.
  2. The weather app says the high is 78 but it's currently 62 out, what the hell am I supposed to wear?
  3. Curly hair is a bitch
    It takes 2 minutes to do my makeup, 15 minutes to tame my curly and frizzy hair
  4. What is the latest time I can leave my apartment and still make it to class on time?
  5. I should find a way to take the bus to class in the morning rather than waking it
  6. It's 8 am why are handing me flyers I don't want to go to your event
  7. Wow you're an inspiration. I should really get up earlier and work out before class.
    In response to seeing people walking back from the gym
  8. Damn it I walked too fast and now I'm sweating and I probably look like an idiot.
  9. I should've made coffee in the morning - green tea isn't as fulfilling.
  10. Ok now to attempt to understand lecture.